"The 8th ward deserves a champion who has a combination of lived and professional experiences. WRITE ME IN to be the alderman of the 8th ward so we can open the door to average citizens with a voice and vision to have a seat at the table. The average citizens who are champions in their own right and believe in true public service and good, honest, transparent, and transformative work. Someone who is progressive and solution forward and someone who truly represents the diversity of the ward. Let’s breakdown and rebuild the establishment together and tackle the issues that impact our daily lives like; parking, ticketing, racism and rodents - police and budget reform - and youth and young adult achievement. There’s no question that I’m new to this, so I challenge the Evanston voters and organizations to try something new for a change.  
Goodness is contagious and it’s spelled S-H-E-L-L-E-Y-A-N-N-C-A-R-R-I-L-L-O."

Evanston must have a cohesive response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus has affected our lives in unexpected ways. For many children, the isolation has been detrimental to their mental and emotional health. We need to create safe outlets for them to connect with others and support organizations that provide low-cost therapy/counseling.

I support the prioritization of the vaccine given to the elderly, frontline workers including teachers (who, most are preparing for in-person learning), and our most vulnerable populations in addition to partnering with the Levy Center to support them in disseminating up-to-date information to the elderly in creative ways so they can have access to the vaccine, information, and appointments.

Also, additional relief for families in jeopardy of losing their homes to eviction or foreclosure.

Support small businesses through this time and advocating for safe ways for them to stay open and financial sustainability assistance.


The city spends a third of its budget on policing. We need to re-allocate funds to community organizations that support the needs of the people. Crisis intervention teams, poverty prevention programs, expanded 311 services, and a true Community Service Officer Team. In some cities, they’ve taken the Parking Enforcement or Animal Control staff and turned them into Community Service Officers. As your Alderperson, I will not support the misuse of funds for unnecessary items, especially amidst a pandemic and a possible budget crisis on the horizon.


Some of us feel as though we have to censor ourselves or don't feel safe playing in the park for fear of neighbors calling the police on us. Due to that, let's alleviate that with more opportunities for interactions with each other. More Block Parties, Farmer's Markets, Neighborhood Watch, and partnering with local organizations that assist with mental health, reducing poverty, and create more job opportunities. Let's bring back the activities that brought communities together and alleviated poverty and crime. Le't's build a stronger platform for the community and get more people involved. These are the things that create safer communities.



I want 8th ward residents to take advantage of the missed opportunities along the Howard Street Business Corridor. The more local residents own businesses and employ residents, the more they will care about what is happening in and around our community. We can support this by providing the information to our residents and encouraging them to utilize the resources available to build our community.


Parking and ticketing continue to be a pain-point in the 8th ward. I will continue to work towards creative solutions to improve on this. 



Achievement and education programs in Evanston are not as accessible and affordable as they should be. Lot’s of families in Evanston cannot afford access to the vital programs that support the mental, emotional, and physical needs of the youth. We need to expand on the programs and services available. Specifically in our ward, there are no recreational centers for the youth and that is why we need to reallocate some of the police budget to fund more programming for the youth and create these safe spaces for teens and tweens to participate in after-school enrichment, and sports programs.


Racial and Social equity is vital to the prosperity of our city. One of the steps in achieving an equitable Evanston is representation. As a woman of color who has experienced her fair share of "ISMS" from racism, sexism, classism, colorism, etc. I am able to better identify the needs of our community and approach things with an equity and empowerment lens. Dismantling racist and oppressive systems creates opportunities for fresh-starts and rebuilding equitable and fairer systems that will serve a broader range of people, organizations, and businesses.


I believe that affordable housing improves the quality of life for everyone in the community. Right now, in the 8th ward, there is a concentration of families here that would like to stay here but can't afford the median price of a single-family home in their own ward. Being able to own and invest in your own community is vital to maintaining a cohesive community. Studies show that people who feel a sense of belonging lead happier and healthier lives and as a result are truly dedicated to the betterment of the community. This inclusion allows for true equitable communities and opportunities.


To accomplish this we can support equitable rezoning and require developers to price a portion of their properties lower than the median income in the area.


With people moving out of the city seeking a community vibe and affordable living, Evanston should be a developer's dream. If they want to build here, they should support our community's long-term goals and provide more affordable housing.


Many opinions are shared on the topic of Northwestern paying their fair share. Let's get NU to the table to discuss more creative partnerships and increase the Good Neighborhood fund. NU needs to contribute more to a safer, greener, and happier Evanston. 


Just like parking, the rodent issue which is not exclusive to the Callan/Clyde blocks, continue to wreak havoc. I will continue to search for creative and humane rodent removal solutions. The burrows, and commercial garbage bins must be better managed.